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Matchup Cup

It's a knockout

A compelling football season isn't just about league form… where would we be without the magic of the cup!

We’ve launched a monthly knockout cup competition on Teamz. At the start of each month, all active Teamz users will be entered into the first round of the cup. You’ll be drawn - at random - against one other Teamz player. Whoever scores the most points, progresses to the next round the following week.

Matchup Cup

Cup Run

Keep progressing through the rounds, and you'll qualify for the Cup Final. Win that final and a new cup will be added to your Trophy Cabinet and profile for all to see!

Trophy Cabinet

The draw for each round of the cup will be made when the pick window shuts each week (usually 7pm Friday GMT). You’ll be able to see your opponent’s stats ahead of the first matches, so you can see the caliber of opponent you’re up against!

If you’re knocked out of the cup, you’ll play in ‘friendlies’ for the rest of the month (there’s no such thing as a friendly!). You’ll be entered into the next cup competition at the start of the following month.

You’re going on a cup run!