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Teamz Fantasy Football



Amateur to All Star

Won a cup? Topped a league? Now there’s more to play for on Teamz!

We’ve just introduced ‘Levels’ to the Teamz feature set. Each week you’ll be tasked with completing a set of challenges in a bid to ‘Level-up’.

These challenges include scoring a certain number of goals, points and clean sheets across all of your picked teams. If you complete your x3 challenges you’ll Level-up.


Players will start their Teamz careers at the Amateur level and attempt to climb the ranks through Semi-pro, Pro, World Class and finally… All Star!

Maintain your form

There’ll be no sitting back once you’ve reached the World Class or All Star ranks though; each Level comes with a minimum number of points that must be scored in order to avoid getting downgraded to the Level below.

We’ve also added an extra push notification to the service to alert you to a successful Level-up or (unfortunate) downgrade.