About Teamz

We ❤️ FF

We’ve played a lot of Fantasy Football over the years. It’s a great way to enhance your enjoyment of the beautiful game. Watching your points roll in over a weekend; challenging for league supremacy; competing against your friends; these are the reasons we play. But all too often playing Fantasy Football becomes a chore.

Managing a squad of players requires a lot of time and effort and one bad week can be enough to ruin an entire season. Then there’s staying on top of injuries, suspensions, transfers, wildcards… 🤯

Let's shake things up

We thought things could be improved, so we built Teamz - a new way to play Fantasy Football that builds on all the good bits and takes away the hassle.

By switching players for teams, the picking process becomes a lot less arduous. On top of this you make a fresh set of picks each week, so there’s no getting stuck with dead wood.

More drama

We’ve extended the fun by adding the drama of promotion and relegation every week, monthly knockout cups, trophy cabinets, underdog bonuses and push notifications (providing updates on your teams in real-time).

We think Teamz offers a compelling, less time-consuming way to enjoy Fantasy Football. We hope you enjoy playing! 👊