A new way to play Fantasy Football. Less hassle, more drama.

Pick teams

Each week you have a budget to spend on a fresh set of teams from across Europe’s top leagues. These teams will score you points for wins, goals, clean sheets.

Why is picking teams good?


Every week you’ll compete in a 30-man division, attempting to gain promotion to the division above, and avoid relegation to the division below.

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Matchup Cup

Each month a new knock-out cup competition starts. You'll take on another Teamz player in a one-on-one matchup each round. The winner progresses.

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Follow your teams' goals and results in real-time, and get league standings and matchup updates.


Rise from Amateur to All Star. Each week you’ll be tasked with completing a set of challenges in a bid to ‘Level-up’.

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Private Leagues

Create week, month and season leagues to play in with your friends.

Trophy Cabinet

Every league, division and cup crown you've collected throughout your Teamz career.

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Teamz Feed

Read our latest app announcements and scoring reports.